We’re a team of super-dedicated professionals committed to the mission of helping others put what they have to good use and, of course, positioning our experts to succeed.

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We’re a team of super-dedicated professionals committed to the mission of helping you put what you already have to better use. We focus on delivering high impact digital transformation and project management solutions rather than products.

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Expert Project Plan Development

We apply our knowledge and experience as we develop a project plan. We put this plan into action and carry out ongoing issue tracking to iron out problems before they grow out of control. Planning and development require a forward-thinking approach, and we pursue both long and short-term objectives for your company.

Ongoing Project Monitoring & Management

We are in your corner right through the planning and execution phases, and beyond. This means staying on top of your digital project with ongoing monitoring and management, honing, and fine-tuning on the way to delivering success. You are in safe hands when you work with our team, and we stand alongside you for the duration of your project, helping you leverage the very best from your digital properties.

Sourcing, Management, & Analytics

State-of-the-art analytics is something we believe in very strongly at Luma Spark. This provides our team with the data we need to ensure success while also enabling us to provide full transparency to you, our client. We offer a full site analytics review, and we can also use our insight to help you identify the third-party and in-house talent you need to execute the next phase of your project.

Website Maintenance & Updates

We'll keep on top of website maintenance and provide image search optimization and copy editing that helps you move higher up the search engine rankings. Full visibility and full engagement with your audience – this is our focus.

Day-to-Day & Future-Focused

We understand how important it is to manage the day-to-day operational tasks of your project. We also recognize the need to keep the long-term development of your organization in mind. We achieve both with ease.