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Design & Tech Terms They Don’t Want You to Know About

Design & Tech Terms They Don’t Want You to Know About

Design & Tech Terms They Don’t Want You to Know About

There are plenty of examples of technical web design terms out there, but not all of these terms are quite what they seem. If you hear any of the following, you may need to ask some further questions to make sure the right approach is being used on your web build and design project.


Design variation

The word “variation” implies that you’ll get lots of different options when it comes to your web design — allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with what you need. However, this may not always be the case, and you might find that this “variation” is simply the same design with different color schemes.


Call to action

Call to action (CTA) is a great term that paints a picture of a powerful site geared towards conversion. But not all calls to action are created equal. Generic calls to action won’t cut it, while heavy-handed, overly intrusive CTAs will send your users elsewhere. Make sure your web design and build firm is specific about what CTAs really entail.


Site navigation

A website builder might provide you with site navigation that is a work of art — intricate, interconnected, and extensive. This might make your website feel professional, but it might also cause your users to get lost somewhere in the matrix. Find out how the candidate plans to deliver a copy of the site navigation to you for review — will this be in an Excel or Word format or some other medium? Will they be able to consult with you on the way to providing new, optimized site navigation?


Below the fold

Below the fold simply refers to any content that users need to scroll down to. While the bulk of your content will be found here, you still need to make sure that all-important messaging is front and center. You only have a few seconds to make a great impression, after all.


Lazy loading

Lazy loading refers to content that does not load until a certain condition is met. This is great for speeding up page loading but bear in mind that some lazy loading techniques may prevent Google from indexing certain content. Be sure to pin down exactly what lazy loading techniques will be used and where.


Multimedia elements

Elements such as videos and animation are fantastic for engagement but need to be used carefully. A heavy-handed approach may leave your web pages sluggish and slow to load, impacting user experience. There are techniques that can be used to get around this, so you need to find out how these will be deployed.



Content is simply too general a term these days and can mean almost anything. For example, is the content you receive going to relate specifically to your business and your market, or is it generic content that could appear anywhere? Find out if you will be able to interview your writer before the process begins to achieve the best possible results from the project.


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