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The #1 Rule in New Website Creation: Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

The #1 Rule in New Website Creation: Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

What does the process of website building mean to you? We all have our own fundamental understanding of what website building is all about. Of course, it means developing the different functional elements of a website, so that your business’ online presence meets your users’ needs in full. It also means pulling all of these different elements together in a cohesive and easy-to-navigate manner.


But, beyond this, what is the key principle of website building, the rule by which all web builders, and companies engaged in a website building project, must abide?



Website building is an ongoing process of negotiation between different elements. For example:

  • Scope and budget

You may have a grand project vision in mind, and this can certainly be achieved. However, the results you expect need to be negotiated against your budget

  • User experience and conversion

If you gear your website 100% towards swift conversion, with no thought for a positive user experience. You are going to achieve neither, as your visitors will bounce away from your page and head elsewhere.
But if you simply provide information, with no conversion funnel in place, you won’t gain the revenue you need. Balance is required.

  • Multimedia and loading optimization

You need multimedia elements on your pages to capture the attention of your users and foster high levels of engagement. But, at the same time, you need to think about how well your pages are loading. If your multimedia elements are too overwhelming, this is going to bring your page loading speeds to a crawl. The right website builder service will keep your pages lean and ready for action, while also dazzling users when it counts.

  • Design wizardry and ease of use

The right website building services will strike the perfect balance across all of these dichotomies. You will
achieve a site that meets your needs and is primed and ready for conversion, but also delivers your users
what they want. You will achieve a site that is sharp and cutting edge, and which looks fantastic, but which
still loads swiftly with minimal delays.


Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation — Get the Best from Your Website Building Project

Here at Lumasparx, we deliver comprehensive, project-oriented website building services. We believe that negotiation does not mean compromise, but rather it refers to the situation in which the best of both worlds is achieved. To find out more, get in touch with the team today.